United Technical Center School of Cosmetology

Creativity and Communication
Skills for Cosmetology

The United Technical Center School of Cosmetology in Clarksburg, WV offers training to become a licensed cosmetologist. Cosmetology is another option that we offer our students that is a great career path. This program is one that lets students be creative and have communication with many people with many different backgrounds. Our counselors and teachers at United Technical Center are able to assist you on this career path and help you succeed. Cosmetology has many categories that each student must master to move on with their career. If you are interested in hairstyling, skincare, nails, and esthetics, United Technical Center has the program for you. Contact us at (304) 326-7592, (304) 326-7583, or contact us online for more information about this exceptional program.


Explore A Fun and Creative Career
in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a fun and creative career that will allow you to cut and style hair, provide skin and nail care, and other esthetics. United Technical Center will supply students with an 18-month program to teach them everything they need to know. Students will then have the opportunity to take their boards to complete the program. The licensing is done through the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

We can also help with resumes and jobs to get you into a salon or barber shop to expand your clientele and further your career goals. If this is something you have considered, call United Technical Center. We can match you with a career counselor to get you on the Cosmetology path or another fulfilling career.

for Cosmetology Certification

Students attending United Technical Center School of Cosmetology have two options when applying. For those who are in high school, the program lasts two years. There is no tuition cost for Cosmetology, but after high school, the student must return to United Technical Center and finish for approximately $7,300.00. If you are an adult, the program is 18 months. The adult program is tuition based at approximately $9,900.00.

United Technical Center has many options for students who want to go into Cosmetology or other programs. Call us or contact us online to find out more about how to get on the right career path for you.

Train to become a licensed cosmetologist in Clarksburg, WV, at United Technical Center School of Cosmetology.